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Reasons to Consider Us

  1. Complete Cost Transparency. When it comes to investing, costs matter. Most investors focus only on the costs explicitly stated, however the implicit costs, for example turnover and spreads, can greatly diminish portfolio returns. We provide total transparency so the investor knows exactly all costs.
  2. No Self-Dealing. Firms that push their own proprietary mutual funds or sell from their own inventory of stocks have an inherent conflict of interest since they are no longer unbiased in their discretionary investment selections. Kolman Investor Coaching carries no proprietary inventory of any sort. This ensures that we are not conflicted in offering investment solutions for clients.
  3. Global Diversification. Kolman Investor Coaching utilizes a prudently selected array of index mutual funds and electronic traded funds focused on capturing global market returns customized to a client's risk tolerance.
  4. Experience. Ted Kolman, President, is a graduate of Amherst College, holds an Master of Business Administration (MBA) from world renowned Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania and has 52 years of business experience, 16 of those years specific to investment planning.
  5. Cost Efficient. We deliver a low cost, competitively priced investment portfolio solution.
  6. Fiduciary Management. Kolman Investor Coaching is a Registered Investment Advisory with the states of Michigan and Oklahoma and has a fiduciary relationship with all clients whereby the client's interests are always first and foremost.
  7. State of the Art Technology. Kolman Investor Coaching offers state of the art client relationship management systems and performance modules wherein clients can review their accounts on line and view a myriad of reports providing critical portfolio information which is updated through the prior business day.
  8. Ongoing Education. Kolman Investor Coaching believes in ongoing education for its clients via semi-annual client reviews, annual client dinners with guest speakers of interest and weekly emails on topical subjects pertaining to clients' nest egg retirement funds.
  9. Life Transitions. A major emphasis on coaching client's through life transitions at time of retirement. Refer to "Our Story" for a full listing of what these can be.