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Our Approach

Markets reflect the vast, complex network of information, expectations, and human behavior. These forces drive prices to fair value. This simple yet powerful view of market equilibrium has profound investment implications.

Diversification is an essential tool available to investors. It enables them to capture broad market forces while reducing the uncompensated risk associated with individual securities. We have constructed strategies that seek to draw heavily upon this philosophy.

Structure, or asset mix, determines most of the performance in a diversified portfolio. Investors choose asset classes to play different roles in a portfolio, and their appetite for risk guides their asset allocation.

The Kolman Investor Coaching Difference

The focus of Kolman Investor Coaching is working with retirees. We tend to work with pre-retirees who are approaching retirement and going through the retirement transition. Addressing the need to deal with issues such as timing of claiming social security, figuring out whether there is enough money for retirement, how to work through the retirement transition, and coordinating the liquidation of the retirement and brokerage accounts to replace their income and sustain retirement spending.

  1. A comprehensive evaluation of a family’s goals and objectives that provides the context on which the plan is created.
  2. Assess Management – the total investment picture encompassing all investments, regardless of where they are held.
  3. Risk Management  an accurate assessment of risk tolerance through in-depth interviews.
  4. Tax Planning and Management  performed in conjunction with your CPA/Accountant.
  5. Debt Management  consolidation of all debt to the most cost efficient platform.
  6. Estate Planning planning the transfer of assets to heirs and / or charities in conjunction with your Attorney.
  7. Create a dynamic cash flow plan – projecting out several years, including all income sources with a realistic annual expense estimation.
  8. Quarterly or semi-annual update meetings to monitor status of the plan.
  9. Provide on-demand consultation services for any and all financial issues as they may arise.
  10. Coach clients through life transitions arising during pre-retirement and retirement.