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Kolman Investor Coaching

Kolman Investor Coaching

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Retirement Planning Specialists LLC, dba Kolman Investor Coaching (KIC) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm with the States of Michigan and Oklahoma. As such, the firm and its employees take on a fiduciary responsibility with respect to its clients wherein the interest of the client supersedes that of the firm or any individual within the firm.

Founding Principles

It is our belief at Kolman Investor Coaching that taxes, cost, and time matter to a client. We make no claim that we can beat the market or have superior stock picking skills, rather, success relies on managing a myriad of costs associated with investing and providing diversified portfolio platforms consistent with Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory whereby asset class investing is utilized. Academically structured portfolios are constructed, consisting of asset classes which have demonstrated return premiums over the past 80 years and have shown dissimilar price movements so as to keep volatility to a minimum. Kolman Investor Coaching utilizes Index Funds and Electronic Traded Funds(ETFs) to achieve optimum portfolio diversification in the most cost efficient manner. We use cost and tech savvy custodians like TD Ameritrade to keep back office support secure and provide client friendly reports.

One key to the Kolman Investor Coaching philosophy is the ongoing financial education it provides to its clients, along with a coaching mode. A financial coach is someone who devotes ongoing time and counsel into your specific situation, understands your dreams, goals, objectives and risk tolerance, then tailors a prudent financial program to meet those needs for you and your family. Prudent investing is treated as an evolving process, not an event. The plan’s execution and eventual success requires a major dose of discipline and having a financial coach to be at your side to maintain that discipline through up and down markets.

Another key is to coach client through life's transition associated with pre-retirement and those once in the retirement mod. The list of those transitions can be numerous and can include one or more of the following which Mr. Kolman has been assisting with his current clients.

  • How best to handle 401k, 403b, 457 plans prior to retirement
  • Optimum age for taking Social Security
  • If and when to convert a Traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA
  • Devise a plan to replace a salaried income with Social Security, pension, and nest egg funds
  • Determine your risk tolerance to guide your investments
  • Create a dynamic retirement cash flow for peace of mind throughout retirement.
  • Creating a retirement budget
  • Consideration of income tax issues
  • Steps for setting up a will/trust
  • What insurances to maintain or delete
  • Long term care insurance, applicable or not
  • Medicare and supplemental health insurance decisions
  • Downsizing, selling and/or buying a home
  • Buying a vacation home
  • Refinancing a loan
  • Acquiring a home equity loan or line of credit
  • Buying/selling a business
  • Buying a new vehicle
  • Working through widow/widower issues
  • Consideration of part-time work options or volunteer work

Our Mission

  1. Offer a complete investment solution for clients that is planning focused, not product based. We do not have allegiance to any company, product or service, beyond our belief in its facility in reaching your goals.
  2. Total transparency with full fee disclosure.
  3. Offer global diversified portfolios designed to capture total market returns geared to a client's risk tolerance.
  4. Deliver superior client service including client education dinners, quarterly consultations and newsletters, pertinent articles of interest via email, prepared cash flow projections, and complete access to the Principal at any time to discuss financial concerns which may arise.
  5. Act as the clients’ fiduciary, treating their money with the care and prudence that we would treat our own.
  6. Deliver important advice even if may create discomfort in the short term.
  7. To get to know you, your goals, and any challenges regarding your finances. We tailor recommendations for you individually in order to create an abundant and stress free financial life.
  8. If we do not have an immediate answer to questions, we will pursue the best solution through our professional network.
  9. Recognize successful financial planning is not an event but an ongoing process, that money is the means not the goal. The goal is to create options for your retirement.
  10. Coach clients through life transitions arising during retirement as listed above.